What is you had Sensitive Skin but you Could Also Work on Ageing Concerns?


There is FINALLY a solution! This is a VERY common question and one that deserves serious attention! I could go on all day about sensitive and sensitized skin, but for today we will try to keep this on topic and focus on this question!

It will help first for a quick explanation describing the difference between sensitive skin and sensitized skin:

  • Sensitive skin is a generic trait and it often tends to blush easily, is quite thin and has blood vessels close to the surface which is why they appear red. Think red rosy cheeks.
  • Sensitized skin is a product of the environment: pollution, stress, weather, prolonged exposure to sun, not wearing SPF, dehydration, or improper use of poor quality products – think soap and water user.

The number one ingredient in the “anti ageing “skin care industry that helps reverse the signs of ageing is Retinol. Although Retinol is effective, it can prove to be too potent and cause irritation in people who have sensitive or sensitized skin.

Until Now!

Now, it is possible for people with sensitive / sensitized skin to continue on their regime to help sooth and calm their skin AND at the same time, target the concerns of ageing while you sleep!

There is new proprietary product in the skin care world that was developed combining a blend of peptides and stabilized retinol which has been clinically proven to produce dramatic results without the irritation, allowing those people who do have sensitive, or sensitized skin to target those ageing concerns!