Top 3 Questions I Get Asked About Skin Care


Do I need to wear a moisturizer if I am oily?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Your moisturizer provides a protective barrier on your skin and without it your skin spends its entire day fighting off the environment stressors and elements and ends up becoming sensitized, dry, irritated and it can not fight off those nasty free radicals that break down your skins’ collagen production – which in turn speeds up the signs of ageing! Yikes! They KEY is however, to use the RIGHT moisturizer for YOUR skin. If you have oily skin, use a moisturizer that has ingredients that help to “control” the production of oil. Not using moisturizer, or worse, using astringent products to “clean off that oil” on your skin only makes your oil glands produce MORE oil. Your goal is to “manage” oily skin, you can’t “fix “it. And it is possible with the right products.

What is a Serum and why do I need it?

A serum is a lightweight product that delivers higher concentrations of powerful ingredients such as peptides or vitamin c or calming ingredients to address a specific skin concern. Each type of serum will usually address a specific concern for a more intensive effect. They are power packed little jars of goodness that can dramatically change your skin for the better. They work in combination with your other skin care products and they are applied to the skin after your toner and underneath your moisturizer.

What does a hydrating serum do that my moisturizer can’t do?

Hydration and moisturization address dryness in different ways. Hydration adds water to the skin, while moisturizers do not actually add water to the skin, they form an barrier on top of the skin to seal in the moisture that is already there and protect your skin from the daily elements. Using a hydrating serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin will dramatically and instantly increase the water content in your skin. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 x’s it weight in water so imagine what that does for your skin!