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Originally From

Manchester, UK

Favourite run on the Mountain

Haven’t yet been up on the mountain in Winter however looking forward to learning snowboarding this Winter

Favourite Whistler Restaurant

Mongolie Grill

We go all the time… it’s so yummy and healthy and it’s such an experience watching them cook it up in front of you

Home care tip

Always take your makeup off before bed! This gives your skin a chance to repair and refresh ready for the next day. I tend to break out too if I don’t properly cleanse before bed so a good pm night care routine is essential.

I love the clients at WDS as we have a lot of locals so you often see a friendly face and the clients on vacation often seem very relaxed and we exchange travel tips from Whistler and from the place they are from too!

Education & Experience

Samantha certified in NQV Level 2 & 3 at Blackburn College back in the UK.

With over 12 years of experience in the field, her passion for beauty is what makes her get up in the morning, she loves making people feel good about themselves and would love to open her own salon one day!

Guest Testimonial

“I had a Swedish massage done by Samantha and she was absolutely incredible! She is so lovely and friendly and made sure I was completely relaxed during my massage and then explained I was able to use the pool area afterwards”


Esthetician / Beauty Therapist / Massage
Sam is very bubbly girl and loves helping others. Her previous experiences as Salon Manager make her a wonderfully organized and professional Esthetician. Samantha loves seeing results on her clients and she will always makes great post-treatment skin care suggestions to ensure her guests get the most out of their spa experience!