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Originally From

Sainte-Catherine, QC

Favourite spa treatment

Lomi Lomi Massage

Favourite run on the mountain

David Murray

Favourite Whistler Restaurant

Green Moustache

If one word could describe Emilie it would be CREATIVITY. She brings so many great ideas to the spa and she helps us improve continuously. ”Being part of this wonderful team that helps people feeling better in their body, mind and soul brings me so much happiness “

Education & Experience

Emilie studied Social Work at Cegep Saint-Jean Richelieu and has worked in hospitality, restaurants and events for the past few years, only to realize her true passion is wellness. From Yoga to eating vegan food, Emilie is all about making choices toward a healthy lifestyle.

Guest Testimonial


Assistant Spa Manager
She loves going above and beyond for each guest, making sure to provide them with a personalized experience. You will find her at the reception chatting to our guests about their day, writing down restaurants recommendations or preparing tea or coffee for them! Kyliegh is also part of the “behind the scenes” spa operations. She is a thorough and hard-working individual, always on top of everything to make sure the spa runs smoothly. She did not study arts for no reason… this lady is very creative and full of great ideas!